Are You Ready for Technology Enhanced Clothing?

Can you feel it? If not you will when smart clothing comes into play. Everything seems to be jumping onto the technology bandwagon anyways these days so why not your clothes? From smart watches and TVs to smart phones and cars. Is there anything that can’t be made smarter with technology? Actually, smart garments are not something new as technology companies have been experimenting with networking apparel for a couple of years now. According to an article, those folks who are serious about their workouts as well as those with infants can benefit greatly with technology enhanced apparel. So why aren’t we seeing more technology enhanced clothing on the open market? Companies who are putting these tech clothing together are having some difficulty in making them not only stylish but comfortable. Technology enhanced clothing first came onto the scene in 2015 as technology companies started playing with the idea of smart clothes. The idea is to have a tee shirt that can record your heart rate sound or yoga pants that have sensors that vibrate in order to encourage you to move and hold those yoga positions. If you are into health and fitness than you would probably appreciate the ability to be able to gather data and have it translated in order to provide you with feedback on your fitness progress.

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